When it comes to window treatments, designer blinds are absolutely one of the most popular options available on the market. The popularity of blinds as a window treatment is due to several reasons—fashion, style, convenience, functionality, durability, energy efficiency and they serve as an economical window Since so many are very affordable, they are often selected as a cost effective way to cover windows. They offer superior light control and light diffusion and are very easy to clean.

Window blinds, window coverings,have come a long way over the last decade. There are high-style options available including woven blinds, bamboo blinds, aluminum blinds, Venetian blinds and several other sophisticated options available. You’ll also find a wide selection of colors and light diffusion levels.

Living in Miami has countless advantages, including beautiful beaches, tropical foliage, and bright Florida sunshine. However, with that sun comes heat, which is not always welcome in the home or office for obvious reasons. That’s where blinds come in. They offer you several different ways to filter the light, from direct and unobstructed to completely closed in order to shade and cool off a room to every option in between.

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Wood Window Blinds

When asked if they prefer wood blinds to plastic or aluminum blinds, most people would answer wood. In fact, wooden blinds are still among the most popular window treatments in America, and they have longevity on their side. They’ve been around forever and show little signs of leaving the interior design forefront in the near future.

Wood blinds,woven blinds,roman shade,wooden blinds,bamboo shades, give the home a warm, finished and natural appearance. Don’t let the thought of wood blinds take your mind back to a time when dark wood paneling was all the rage. Modern wooden blinds come in a variety of attractive, furniture-quality stains that work well with almost any décor.

Be aware, wood blinds are not the best window treatment solution for high moisture rooms – such as the bathroom – or areas with higher, heavier traffic – such as mudrooms or children’s playrooms.

Some people wonder if faux wood blinds are comparable, because they are often more affordable. While faux wood blinds have their place, you do run the risk of size and color limitations. Plus, faux wood blinds are not as durable, and you may have to deal with yellowing and discoloration over time.

With their high-end accents, robust color options and attractive design variations, however, wooden blinds make excellent window treatments. Automated wood blinds are also available, bringing convenience to pair with aesthetic appeal.

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Vertical Blinds

When you think of vertical blinds, do you hear the sound of plastic slats smacking against each other as you head onto your patio in the beautiful Miami weather? If so, it’s time for a change.

Vertical blinds are now quite versatile, and while still being functional within the home – blocking sunlight, providing privacy – they can be an attractive design feature, too.

Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds have panels or vanes running vertically from a top track. You can choose to have them draw, opening to one side or the other, or you can have them split, opening down the center like drapes. As with sliding panels, the slats will stack alongside each other, some overlapping, making vertical blinds a space-friendly window treatment.

You no longer have to choose from white or tan plastic when selecting vertical blinds for your home. Wood vertical blinds, fabric vertical blinds, aluminum vertical blinds…these are all options.

If you do have that large glass door leading onto the patio, vertical blinds are a great solution because they can be custom fit to cover large spaces. Another benefit is that they don’t impede the natural flow of air due to their free-hanging vales.

With color and material options abounding, you have the freedom to select vertical blinds that give you the light control you need while providing the fresh, updated look you want.

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Horizontal Aluminium Blinds

Horizontal aluminum blinds are ubiquitous in almost every home in America, but there is more to these window treatments than meets the eye.

If your Miami home is flooded with light during certain hours of the day, no doubt making it unbearably hot, you can block it out with a simple twist of the wand that controls the direction of your aluminum blinds’ slats. When the sun moves along, another simple twist will provide a clear view outdoors. You can always lift the blinds entirely to provide a totally unobstructed view, but having these options is one of the draws of aluminum blinds.

Aside from being convenient, what other reasons are there to select horizontal aluminum blinds for your home? Durability is one. Aluminum blinds are sturdy and last for a long time. Affordability is another. Many homeowners choose aluminum blinds because they are cost-controlled window treatments.

Once, aluminum blinds came in a select few colors. This is no longer the case. There exists a huge range of neutrals; bright and bold colored blinds; metallic, shiny blinds; and even textured aluminum blinds.

Aluminum blinds have a classic feel, and they aren’t obtrusive, integrating well into almost any style of home. If you do want your blinds to stand out, however, you can select from a wide array of colors, textures and finishes to make a more pronounced design statement.

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Venetian Horizontal Blinds

What is a Venetian blind? Horizontal Venetian blinds are made using consecutive, horizontal slats – typically plastic or metal – that can be rotated nearly 180°. Attached with cords or fabric, the slats can be lifted and lowered…your traditional horizontal blind.

So what’s so special about Venetian blinds that you should buy them for your home? Several things. They are excellent at providing privacy. They can be dropped down, their slats turned shut instantly. If you have a nosy neighbor or if you live in an apartment complex, Venetian blinds are ideal.

They allow you to control the flow of light into a room. If you have a sunroom or Florida room where you keep your houseplants, or if your bedroom faces the early morning sun, control the light flow with Venetian blinds.

Ask about cordless blinds. Cordless blinds are now available, and they are not only safer if you have children and pets in the home, they are easier to use, opening and closing with a touch. They are also more sleek and clean in appearance.

Two other benefits offered by Venetian horizontal blinds are quick, easy installation and energy efficiency. You don’t have to spend hours waiting for someone to install the hardware and equipment needed to hang Venetian blinds; the work is relatively simple. Plus, by controlling the amount of sun and heat you allow into your home, you can cut back on your electricity bill, ultimately saving energy and money.

Available in several materials and colors, Venetian blinds are an affordable, versatile and durable window treatment option.

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Bamboo Blinds

If you want a window treatment that is not only beautiful but environmentally-friendly as well, then bamboo blinds are the way to go. Hardwoods traditionally used to make blinds can take upwards of ten years to fully mature and become ready for production. Bamboo matures much, much quicker and when sustainably harvested, it is considered one of the greener construction and design supplies available.

One of the most interesting features of bamboo blinds is their inconsistency. Unless synthetically created, no bamboo blind will be identical to another because no bamboo tree is identical to another. This is why bamboo blinds give a room a natural, organic feel. Bamboo blinds are also great insulators, blocking out more heat that traditional horizontal or Venetian blinds. Use them to control the temperature in your home and cut back on your energy bill simultaneously.

Many South Florida homes utilize their outdoor spaces as continuations of their indoor living spaces, with outdoor kitchens or large seating areas gathered around pools. One of the best things about bamboo blinds – most of them – is that they can be used outdoors. If you’re trying to build shady spots in your yard but are at a loss for what to use, consider bamboo shades.

Resourceful, versatile and attractive, bamboo blinds are quickly becoming a popular and beautiful window dressing in homes everywhere. Visit the South Florida showroom of Alle Lusso Shades today and experience the beauty and functionality of bamboo blinds for yourself!

Woven Blinds

If you want to achieve a softer, more streamlined appearance with your window treatments, consider woven blinds or shades. Large valances or drapes, heavy curtains…these treatments can sometimes look bulk y or overdone. Blinds offer clean lines and simplicity, ideal for rooms of any size but helpful for maximizing space in smaller settings.

You have a plethora of options with woven shades. Most are made from fabric, which means your choices are endless. You can select from blackout fabrics to block the maximum amount of light or from a patterned fabric that complements your current décor. You can make them as simple or complex as you want.

Woven wood blinds and woven bamboo blinds are also available. You may want to consider backing these with fabric because some of the materials are inconsistent, leaving gaps that let light in or through which your neighbors can see. These are an eco-friendly woven blind option.

Some newer, more innovative woven blinds offer you the top down feature. This means you aren’t restricted to only lifting the blind from the bottom up, the top can be lowered, as well.

Plus, woven blinds can be constructed using almost any size of fabric or moveable material, making them ideal for large, extra small or unusually shaped windows.

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