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Alle Lusso Shades specializes in providing superior window treatments for homes throughout South Florida. But as our name implies, we are capable of more than simply throwing up a curtain or two. We can fully motorize your window dressings to provide you with the utmost in comfort, security and style.

Why automate your shades? There are several reasons.

Let’s start with the obvious – convenience. The daily routine of opening and closing blinds, lifting and lowering shades and maintaining the proper levels of light within the home can be time consuming. Save yourself the effort by motorizing your window treatments and let them do the work for you.

Safety and security are two big reasons we recommend motorization. In vacation homes especially, giving the space a lived-in feel makes the property more secure and less attractive to burglars. A program that routinely operates your window treatments helps achieve this. And for years, long, drooping pull cords have been considered a danger to small children and pets. Eliminate this hazard with motorization and remove the need for manual pulls completely.

Motorization can save you money in the long run. While most of us value natural light within the home, too much of it can have negative effects on your interior. Many people don’t realize that excess sunlight can fade fabrics, damage hardwood floors and harm fine artwork. Not managing the flow of sunlight into the home also makes keeping your house cool in the summer a challenge. Automating window treatment removes the guesswork, allowing you to effortlessly control the amount of natural light in your house.

Protect your home and its furnishing – while saving energy and money – by allowing Alle Lusso Shades to customize a window treatment motorization package that right for you.

Custom Drapery Pinch Pleated

Pinch pleated draperies are one of the most classic and versatile drapery styles available. Depending on the fabric pattern and style, pinch pleated drapes are perfect for all kinds of rooms and styles. Pinch pleated drapery styles range from classic and traditional to urban and modern to elegant and sophisticated. Pinch pleated draperies are simple enough to complement almost any design style, but they can be tailored and customized until they become their very own design feature.

Today there are even motorized versions of pinch pleated drapery. Motorized pinch pleated custom drapery combines the elegance of custom pinch pleated drapery with the ease and convenience of remote operation.

The benefits of custom motorized pinch pleated drapery include convenience, energy efficiency, temperature and light control and more. Automatically adjust your pinch pleated drapery with precise, near-silent control to create elegant transitions of light and reducing glare on furniture, computer and television screens. Command privacy at the touch of a button and protect valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays. You also won’t have to worry about covering up long drapery cords that can cause potential safety hazards to pets and children.

Custom drapery pinch pleated installation is more accessible than you may think. The window treatment professionals at High Tech Window Designs will provide a customized personal consultation to help determine what the best window treatment motorization options are best for you. Stop in our Miami showroom and let us show you the many benefits of motorized custom pinch pleated drapery.

Custom Rippfold Drapery

There are many styles of beautiful window treatment styles available on the market, one of which is the ripplefold drapery style. Ripplefold curtains have a classic look that can be tailored to meet the design of a retro or mid-century home just as easily as a modern, simplistic one. They allow in more light from the window in than other drapery styles, and are extremely appealing from the outside looking in. As with many window treatments, you have endless options with ripplefold drapery. They lend themselves beautifully to a variety of different styles, settings, decors and rooms.

Today there are many different custom ripplefold drapery styles available, including those that are motorized. Motorized, automated window treatments provide control of light and temperature, protection of your valuable furnishings rom harmful UV rays, safety benefits. The ability to control your draperies and window treatments with the mere touch of a button provides an entirely new level of comfort and convenience.

Motorized ripplefold drapery options offer the beauty and elegance of beautiful ripplefold curtains with the comfort and convenience of remote operation. What was once a thing of luxury is now highly accessible and an energy and cost efficient window treatment solution.

In business nearly ten years, Alle Lusso Shades are the South Florida window treatment professionals and motorization specialists. Stop in our Miami showroom today and receive a custom motorized window treatment consultation.


Have you ever seen or experienced the ability to control the light and heat in a room with a mere touch of a button? While large, oversized window treatments are beautiful, elegant and energy-efficient, they can be cumbersome to operate. Being able to remotely operate window treatment settings offers ease, luxury, convenience and, more importantly, a way to efficiently manage the light and temperature in your home or office. Window treatment motorization also removes the need for long, droopy cords that have proven hazardous for young children, as well as pets, making motorization an effective safety tool.

Our motorization specialists provide top notch customer service and our top priority is to develop and implement a window treatment motorization to fit all of your needs. We’ll work with you to address everything you are looking for in your window treatment solutions.

We offer only the best in motorized window treatment and shading systems. Inventory includes Somfy motorized shades, Lutron motorized blinds and Amico roller shades and more. Features such as wireless operating technology, motorized tension shades, built-in safety components and precision cable guided shades are now available.

Established ten years ago, Alle Lusso Shades specializes in custom window treatment motorization solutions. Experience the difference window treatment motorization can make and how accessible a motorized window treatment solution is. Window treatment motorization programs are within your reach–let our highly experienced motorization specialists provide you with a custom motorization consultation today!

Roller Shades

Window treatments are without a doubt one of the most important elements of any room. When choosing window treatments, it can be overwhelming due to the wide array of window coverings available for the home and office. However, a simple yet elegant and timeless choice is the roller shade. For the ultimate in luxury and convenience, motorized roller shades are the way to go.

Whether you want the full automation Somfy motorized, multi-zone shades, Amico motorized shade, Lutron shades or you simply desire the classic automated roller shades bring to the bedroom, Miami’s Alle Lusso Shades will help you custom-design the perfect solution for you.

Motorized or otherwise, it’s important to look for roller shades crafted of high quality textiles. Alle Lusso Shades offers extensive options from industry leaders such as Mermet, Lutron, plus a beautiful collection of Italian fabrics. We offer a variety of light-diffusing options, including translucent or blackout roller shades to meet your light control needs.

Imagine the comfort, control and convenience of remote-operated motorized shades offers. Energy efficient, elegant and beautiful, motorized roller shades will keep your rooms protected from the hot South Florida sun.

At Alle Lusso Shades, we strive to make your shopping experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Experience the difference motorized roller shades can make–stop in the Miami showroom of Alle Lusso Shades today for a custom consultation.

Skyline Panels

Skylights are beautiful focal points that bring ample natural light into both small and large spaces. They are popular options for décor styles ranging from clean, minimalistic and modern to classic and sophisticated. While skylights bring beauty and light into the space they occupy, it is important to keep in mind that they can pose danger to valuable home or office furnishings. They also can make a space unbearably hot.
That’s where motorized skylight panels come in. Motorized skylight panels offer the convenience and functionality of being able to remotely control how much light the skylights themselves shine on a space. Depending on the time of day, intensity of the sun, outside and inside temperature, interior furnishings and personal taste preferences, with motorized skylight panels you hold all control.

In business nearly ten years, Alle Lusso Shades has been helping South Florida create and implement energy-efficient, functional and elegant custom tailored to every space and style. When it comes to motorization, our industry experience and customer service is second to none.

If you are looking for a way to control the heat and light the skylight panels in your home or office space are bringing in, then motorized skylight panels are the perfect solution for you. Stop in the Miami showroom of Alle Lusso Shades today for more information.