Are you considering giving your windows a facelift? Do you admire how elegant shutters look but wonder if they are right for you?
Shutters are the perfect South Florida window covering. By installing UV and moisture resistant plantation shutters, you will be giving your home a beautiful design feature, yet also providing a durable and practical window covering.

You also have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing shutters. There are many different options for material, texture, style and color, from deep, dark stains to bright and breezy light shades. They make the perfect customized window covering and provide endless possibilities. Shutters are one of those design touches which offer a polished, finished feel.

Shutters are one of the more economical window treatments, and also add value to a home. They frame the windows beautifully and make an elegant impression.

At Alle Lusso Shades, we want to provide you a customized window covering plan to fit all of your needs. We will show you how blinds, shades, drapery, cornices, motorized window treatments and shutters can fit into your design plans. Let us walk you through our showroom and show you our huge selection of shutters and more high-quality, durable, practical yet beautiful shutters and see how great they can make your home look. See for yourself—stop in the Miami showroom of Alle Lusso Shades today to receive a custom window treatment consultation for your home or office.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the perfect South Florida window covering. Choose UV and moisture resistant plantation shutters, and you are on your way to giving your home a crisp, coastal feel, all the while knowing that you have selected a classic, low-maintenance and efficient design feature.

The moveable slats on plantation shutters allow you to control the exact amount of light flow in your space. They can be collapsed completely or open to full horizontal, providing a nearly unobstructed view outside. Interior shutters are also excellent sound blockers.

Many plantation shutters connect to create sensible window dressings for large windows, and size variations, as well as customization options, allow you to tailor them all sorts of other sizes and shapes.

You also have a bevy of choices when it comes to material, texture, style and color. Choose a deeply-grained wood to create an aged, antique feel in a room. Select a faux wood for high moisture and heat areas of the home. Lighter stains and colors are better for bedrooms, while darker finishes may be appropriate for offices and libraries.

Interior shutters are cordless, and they have no need for rout holes, making them pet and child safe.

Two final benefits of interior shutters are affordability and framing. Plantation shutters are one of the more economical window treatments, and they almost always add value to a home. Plus, the framing that surrounds plantation shutters gives them a professional millwork look that appears neatly finished.

If you want to give your home a refined, orderly and classic appeal while having superior light and acoustic control, plantation shutters are for you. Visit the South Florida showroom of Alle Lusso Shades today to view our fabulous selection of plantation shutters perfect for your home.